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Nifty Niche Games is an independent mobile and PC games studio. Currently it is a one-man show featuring the art, design, and development expertise of Jameson Wilkins. The core design philosophy here is to create interesting, unique experiences conveyed through gameplay, instead of traditional story telling methods. I hope to craft systems and play into tools that the player can use to tell their own story, instead of forcing them to experience the same scenarios that all their fellow players have. Hopefully that idea seems pretty nifty to you!

Jameson Wilkins

Jameson Wilkins


Jameson Wilkins is the owner, creator, and lead designer of Nifty Niche Games. Beginning at age 16, he has tackled all aspects of development in Game Maker. His first major independent game, A Nation of Wind, was independently published for Windows in 2012 and was featured by PCGamer Magazine, Indie Statik, TIGSource,, RGCD, and Game Breaker TV. In 2014 it was Greenlit on Steam. He has worked both in-studio and as a freelance contractor on over twenty different titles for PC, Mac, browser, iOS, and Android platforms. Jameson is a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Illustration. His work has been featured in major theme parks, The Blue Lucy Gallery, and in the projects of To Mars, Solid Rhino, Dusty Attic, and Beast Games studios. Jameson has extensive experience teaching game development to both children and teens for non-profit and after school programs in the Tampa Bay area. In 2015, he created Nifty Niche Games, a games studio focusing on mobile, browser, PC and Mac gaming. Nifty Niche is dedicated to the unique, quality experiences that only video games can provide. In his spare time, Jameson enjoys playing video games, visiting museums and art shows, and watching animated films.